A few thoughts on sales funnels

The advertising sales funnel idea (getting consumers into a funnel, simply to shove some through) has always seemed a little icky to me. Consumers don’t fall absolutely down a funnel, they generally weave back and forth, making their way that is eventually to a purchasing decision. I initially had tunnel vision, when asked to address the sales funnel in a speech. All I could imagine was the dim, ick, bleh, stagnant old funnel. How was I going to teach sales with a model I didn’t believe in? Wil was requested by me, WMT’s design lead to create sales funnels of yesteryear. Below are the traditional one and one that reveals a funnel with multiple courses which seemed even more crappy…

I tend not to believe get ’em in and push ’em outside” sales tactic, but I do respect the sales process. Hell or high water, I would give sales value within my chat. In now’s net world, individuals participate with brands in a great number of ways, joining coming in through multiple channels, buying and staying faithful to your brand and repeatedly purchasing buying!

Thank goodness I work with a designer (thank you Wil!) who I can pontificate to, who gets my analogies (and in this instance, analogy…pardon the pun!) To overcome sales funnel tunnel vision, you will need to think about marketing with a heart-centric approach. You will need to show you care! I’m speaking LOVE!

If you want to overcome sales funnel tunnel vision, you have to reconsider the model.

No matter what you do, social media, Search Engine Optimization, blog posts, advertising, emails…and no matter what you do it for the revit library – revit training online, you need to do it from a place of heart – to connect with your target customer. The strain of “how to promote” to them goes away and leaves us with a healthy “how could I serve them?” mindset that can transform the way in which you work when we accept that our consumers hold the power of who they choose. Our best customers are our current customers. Rather than trying to squeeze that sale, think instead about how you can serve them and additionally use web marketing to stay in touch with them and keep the love alive.

When I walked my session attendees through these slides and gave my talk, mobile cameras went off taking pictures of the heart model. I actually had to hold before moving to my next slide to appease photograph snappers!

When you approach your promotion from a location of the heart, you’re much more likely to connect and convert customers.