Rhinoplasty Surgery – An Accepted Trend 

Cosmetic surgery has become a recent trend and most interestingly, it is now not only meant for the affluent and the well-known people of society. Almost every one of us wants to look good. This trend is increasingly becoming popular among youth as a smart phone in the hand makes them more prone to get clicked on social platforms at anytime of the day. A blunt nose, a dark complexion, bad lip contour and some other so called defects give rise to this need. Initially, cosmetic surgery was also a necessity in case of correcting certain defects like syphilitic deformities. Now, anyone who wants to correct a slightest defect in their appearance, are turning into patients.

As per the reports of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2014, the teenagers made up a considerable portion of the people going under the knives. Some of the most common procedures that they undergo are nose reshaping, male breast reduction, ear surgery, laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing. The number of 20-29 year olds going in for cosmetic treatments has also considerably increased by about 2% from 31%, in 2012. The most popular cosmetic care treatments among them are breast augmentations, calf augmentations, rhinoplasty and of course, Botox.

On being interviewed by Zoe Mintz, a plastic surgeon from Detroit (see findmichiganrhinoplasty.com), Mr. Anthony Youn, tells us that there has been a sharp ascent in the number of young patients opting for cosmetic treatments. They demand this from their parents as gifts for their graduation. Keep in mind some students are working part or full time jobs to put themselves through schools while others are demanding gifts in addition to the payments already received for their tuition. Many students like Sands have opted for plastic surgery because of many accidents causing deformities. In her scase, an accident ultimately led to a facial reconstruction. She even fully supports the cause if someone wants to correct the physical trauma they have undergone.

An eminent sociologist, Bonnie Berry has pointed out a very alarming but true reason behind going for cosmetic surgeries. She says that beauty and social status are related directly. Beautiful faces have a positive impact on the society. According to her, 50% of the people in America are unhappy with their looks and resort to surgical methods to correct their defects. History tells us that even before the cosmetic procedures were invented, people opted for painful methods to look good.

That cosmetic surgeries are done by only the wealthy people, is fast becoming a misconception. Reports claim that 12.9 billion US dollars was spent on cosmetic surgeries in the year 2014, and it is ever increasing. 224,000 teenagers and more than 30 million adults, irrespective of their financial status, have undergone cosmetic surgeries. The initial apprehension surrounding a cosmetic surgery has largely waned down as people are no more cowering away from admitting to it. People felt uncomfortable to talk about any surgery they had gone through, as they had to admit that they had a deformity. But, now gradually people are accepting it and taking it to be just another normal process. Sometimes the teenagers feel coy about the fact that they have undergone surgeries, but trends indicate this too will soon be diminished.

One negative thing associated with plastic surgeries is that people opting for them, have to pay the full money out of their pockets as no health insurance covers these surgeries. They are not any kind of medical emergency and thereby are not covered by any kind of insurance scheme. But, according to the National Centre for Policy Analysis, the cosmetic surgery bills have been slashed down to a great extent. Thus, they have become more accessible to people belonging to all kinds of income groups. Arguably, budding entrepreneurs no longer have to decide between feeling good about themselves versus using the money to start a new business that they themselves will own. Even people belonging to the senior age group are fast embracing this culture, overcoming the feel of embarrassment associated with it. Whenever we have any medical problem we go to the doctor to fix it, so are cosmetic surgeries. The part that needs to be changed or corrected is reshaped with a plastic surgeon’s help.

Living and Learning Program Associate Director, Melissa Ooten found out that the driving need behind the college students to go through these surgeries, are enhancement of self esteem. They do not want to be made fun of anymore. The trend is more popular among the females as they are under constant pressure to look beautiful. Every part in their body has to be perfect. Thus, they visit the cosmetic surgeons to correct their defective parts. When one looks beautiful, one is bound to feel positive about herself. Even men go for surgeries to get appreciation from their female peers.

Even the film and media business are instantly having a psychological pressure on the people to change the way they look. A pout like Angelina Jolie, a butt like Kim Kardashian or a complexion like Penelope Cruz-this is what tops the priority list of today’s young population. The only way one can get these “prized possessions” is by opting for plastic surgeries. Even men are not left far behind. Even women entering their 90s do not want to have wrinkles.

As described by Christopher Khorsandi, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, the trend is also becoming popular due to the active involvement in social media. The world is now revolving around posting photos and getting maximum likes, as if these are the parameters to judge how beautiful a person is. These prompts the need to go for these surgeries and look beautiful in the photos posted. Wearing a sexy attire, revealing a beautiful cleavage and having a toned figure is no more a dream. Though this is termed as “hyper-vanity”, still it is the complex most of the people are suffering from. These are the ways of increasing the status.

Eminent psychologists suggest that this trend is fast merging with the mainstream psyche of society. Change is the only constant and we have to accept that and take plastic surgery as yet another common practice. Schonberger says that we should not care about who has gone for a surgery and who has not, as the world is moving forward and not taking steps backwards. Hence, cosmetic surgery is becoming a fast accepted norm.